Like having your best friend in the business

NO Haggle...... NO Hassle....   No High Pressure

New and Improved, Doctor Recommended way to buy
I Negotiate with your local dealer to get you a Lower Price

Just the facts

  • 1 out of 12 Americans has a hearing loss, yet only a small fraction of them buy a hearing aid.

  • The number 1 reason others don't buy a hearing aid is the High Cost and added options you really don't need.

  • Hundreds of hearing aid users and non users, with hearing loss, were interviewed and asked what would they most like to change about the hearing aid testing and the hearing aid purchase process.

  • Here are the top 3 wishes

99 out of 100 asked for

1.The Honest to Goodness lowest price
2. NO Bait and Switch
3. NO High Pressure

This is where The Hearing Aid Genie springs into action

The Hearing Aid Genie Guarantees to grant you all 3 of your wishes

Wish # 1

The Honest to goodness lowest price

You've all seen the hearing aid ads,

  • " Save now, $1,000 off for the next 3 days only"

  • "50% off M-T-W only... Big discounts"

Chances are you're not really saving anything with these promotions. The hearing aid prices have been inflated for the sale.

Wish # 2

NO Bait and Switch

The ad will say

"Hearing Aid only $695" or it may be "only $395"

The price really doesn't matter because after the test you will be told

  • "your ear is too small for this hearing aid model" or maybe "too large"
  • "your hearing loss is too severe"  or "the bend in your ear is isn't right"
Then they show you the hearing aid that is right for you and they only cost $6,000 a pair or maybe $5,000. This is the only one that will work for you and that's why you have to buy this hearing aid.

Wish # 3

NO High Pressure

Here comes the Pressure

  • "This price for this hearing aid is good for today only"
  • "The hearing aid prices are going up next week"

Thanks to The Hearing Aid Genie you no longer have to put up with this.

All the stress, hassle, and aggravation have been removed for you.

With 32 years experience in the hearing aid industry we have existing relationship with hundreds of dealers across the United States. They're preferred providers and will negotiate the price of your hearing aid.

The Hearing Aid Genie will grant you all 3 wishes no matter where you live. Guaranteed saving on your hearing aid.

We know the hearing aid wholesale cost and which added options you really don't need for better hearing.

The dealer is not your friend. Their job is to make as much money as they can. The Hearing Aid Genie is your friend, our job is to save you as much as we can.

How much does The Hearing Aid Genie ask for this invaluable service?

• For a Limited Time We will divide our fee of only $199 into 2 parts. A retainer of $100 is made to start the negotiation process for your hearing aid. When we are positive of the lowest price and the highest quality, the remaining $99 is due before setting the appointment with the dealer for your hearing aid.

• To get started click on the Retainer Information tab and supply us with your name, full address, day phone, evening phone and email.  Then go to Retainer tab. You may use PayPal or your credit card. If you prefer a certain size or type of hearing aid let us know, for example in the canal or behind the ear. If you don’t know that can be determined after the FREE test and exam. The negotiated price is good for any size you want.

• Remember you receiver the same warranty, guaranties and service as every other customer. The only difference is You Paid a whole lot less for your hearing aid…

Thanks to the Hearing Aid Genie